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Trump: Using ‘mother of all bombs’ shows difference between him and Obama

President Trump said Thursday the dropping of the U.S. military’s biggest non-atomic bomb on an Islamic State position in Afghanistan indicates “a gigantic contrast” between his initiative of the military and the administration of previous President Obama.

“In the event that you take a gander at what’s occurred throughout the most recent two months and contrast that truly with what’s occurred in the course of recent years, you’ll see there’s an enormous distinction,” Mr. Trump told journalists at the White House. “We have the best military on the planet and they’ve done something not surprisingly. We have given them add up to approval and that is what they’re doing and evidently. That is the reason they’ve been so fruitful of late.”

U.S. powers dropped the alleged “mother of all bombs” on an Islamic State burrow arrange in Afghanistan prior Thursday. The 22,000-pound bomb has what might as well be called 11 tons of TNT.

Inquired as to whether he had by and by approved the besieging, Mr. Trump answered, “Everyone knows precisely what happened. What I do is I approve my military.”

He called it “another, extremely fruitful mission.”

A week ago, Mr. Trump requested a rocket assault on the Syrian military after Syrian strengths murdered regular folks in a sarin gas bombarding.

Inquired as to whether the gigantic bomb dropped in Afghanistan was implied as a message to North Korea, whose atomic hawkishness is a rising concern once more, the president disputed.

“I don’t know whether this communicates something specific, it doesn’t have any effect in the event that it does or not,” Mr. Trump said. “North Korea is an issue, the issue will be dealt with.”

He said “we have mind blowing pioneers in the military, and we have [an] unimaginable military. We are extremely pleased with them.”

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