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Thousands of users hacked on bestiality website

Thousands of users on a bestiality website have had their accounts hacked, according to Motherboard.

At least 3,200 email addresses, purported IP addresses, birthdates, private messages between users and other individual information are among the account details being circulated on public image boards.

“Regardless of what you’re into in your personal time, this incident serves as a reminder that anything you do online may one day be leaked publicly,” Troy Hunt, a security researcher who runs Have I Been Pwned, wrote in a Twitter message to Motherboard.

Hunt flagged the data dump to the Vice-owned science and technology site, which verified many of the hacked email addresses as active users.

However, Motherboard noted that some of the approximately 3,000 emails they reviewed weren’t linked to any users and the site doesn’t email a verification link during sign-up — making it simple for someone to create an account utilizing someone else’s email.

Bestiality is illegal in 45 states, but the possession of bestiality porn is consistently not. The Post is not naming the hacked website.

“There are thousands of real email addresses in this incident and deniability will be hard when they sit alongside IP addresses,” Hunt said. “It could be both enormously embarrassing and enormously damaging for some people.”

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