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Texas congressman under flame for remarks about Trump and rape

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Texas congressman apologized Tuesday for not clarifying on national TV where he would adhere to a meaningful boundary in supporting Republican Donald Trump’s offered for the White House.

Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas, was asked a theoretical question Tuesday night on MSNBC by grapple Chris Hayes: “If a tape turned out with Donald Trump saying that, saying, ‘I truly get a kick out of the chance to assault ladies.’ You would keep on endorsing him?”

Farenthold replied, “That would be terrible … I’d think of it as.”

Not long after the meeting, Farenthold took to Twitter to issue an announcement: “I apologize for my inability to quickly censure any individual who might say something as silly as they prefer assaulting ladies. Amid a meeting on MSNBC with Chris Hayes today evening time, I was thrown off by a theoretical question. I don’t, and have not ever supported assault or savagery against ladies. That is not the sort of man I trust Donald Trump to be.”

His remarks and statement of regret set off a firestorm on online networking as he got himself somewhere down in the national open deliberation on the amount Trump’s supporters will endure as their competitor looks for the Oval Office.

In a phone meet with the Caller-Times, Farenthold assist removed himself from his reluctant reply on MSNBC, calling Hayes “amateurish in asking” a theoretical question and himself “silly” in endeavoring to reply.

“I could never bolster an attacker, and I would not bolster anybody that said they like assault,” Farenthold said.

The national verbal confrontation over the dedication of Trump’s supporters to the fluctuating and polarizing applicant was reignited Friday after a 2005 video surfaced highlighting Trump making remarks about how he could kiss and grab ladies without their authorization.

Farenthold on Tuesday demanded he is not a visually impaired supporter to Trump but rather an enthusiastic adversary of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“He’s superior to anything Hillary Clinton,” Farenthold said of his backing for Trump. “That is the main reason, since it’s a double decision.”

Farenthold was chosen to speak to Texas’ 27th Congressional District in 2010. He won the Republican essential this spring.

He confronts Democratic challenger Raul “Roy” Barrera in the November decision.

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