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Ta-Nehisi Coates Perfectly Explains How Racism Helped Donald Trump Win

Author Ta-Nehisi Coates ceased by “The Daily Show” on Tuesday to talk about his late main story for The Atlantic, which inspects President Barack Obama’s one of a kind difficulties and legacy as president.

Amid the portion, Coates got genuine about Obama’s and President-elect Donald Trump’s two altogether different streets to the White House.

Coates said Obama “certainly” needed to work twice as hard as Trump to wind up president, contrasting his clothing rundown of accomplishments with Trump’s restricted understanding:

On the off chance that I need to hop six feet to get a similar thing that you need to hop two feet for ― that is the manner by which bigotry works.

To be president, [Obama] must be insightful, clever, president of the Harvard Law Review, the result of some of our most prominent instructive organizations, fit for conversing with two distinct universes … Donald Trump must be rich and white. That was it. That is the distinction.

Coates likewise tended to the, “exceptionally novel conditions” that permitted Obama to end up distinctly the country’s first African-American president:

…He could address white Americans in a way that I simply think not very many African-Americans could.

I think Barack Obama was naturally introduced to a home not simply to a white lady and white grandparents, however a white lady and white grandparents who shockingly let him know it was alright that he was dark and that he ought not be embarrassed about it and that he ought to in truth be glad for it.

These variables, Coates said, additionally constrained Obama’s capacity to completely comprehend the injury of prejudice. He refered to his own youth encounter for examination:

When I experienced childhood in West Baltimore, anything related ― and I’m discussing my adolescence ― with white individuals 99 percent of the time was something noxious, similar to it was an informative constrain for something awful.

…That is simply not the kind of experience that [Obama] had.

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