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Read President Obama’s Comments Urging Donald Trump to Stand Up to Russia

President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a joint question and answer session on Thursday in Berlin, demonstrating a unified front notwithstanding worldwide changes including Donald Trump’s decision and expressing the significance of having the capacity to “stand up” to Russia.

Obama completed his last outing to Europe with the public interview with Merkel, his long-lasting partner. He stayed positive about the move of force in the U.S. when he addressed journalists, however he additionally depicted the negative impacts of online networking on late political dialog in the U.S.

Merkel and Obama held the gathering at the German Chancellery in Berlin. Perused the full transcript of their comments underneath:

MERKEL (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): I’m enchanted to have the capacity to welcome today, for the 6th time, the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to Germany. In his ability as president of the United States, let us remind ourselves subsequent to going by us in his ability as competitor here in Berlin, we then met in Baden-Baden. We then we then met in Placen (ph) and Buchenwald. We saw each other when he gave a discourse at the Brandenburg Gate in Elmo (ph). We met again at the G7 Benhenover Fair (ph) rings a bell. What’s more, today he is again here in Berlin. So eight years are finding some conclusion. This is the last visit of Barack Obama to our nation, to Germany.

I am exceptionally happy that he picked Germany as one of the kind of stop-overs on this trek.

MERKEL (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): And much thanks. Much obliged to you for the kinship you’ve generally illustrated. Much thanks to you for the dependable kinship and association you showed in extremely troublesome hours of our relationship.

Along these lines, let me again pay tribute to what we’ve possessed the capacity to accomplish to what we talked about, to what we could realize, troublesome hours ring a bell, as I said, those that had an orientation on the collaboration of our knowledge administrations. What’s more, I’m exceptionally appreciative that Barack Obama as president particularly put assurance of protection on the plan today, because of the reality of Islamist psychological warfare everywhere throughout the world. Through the risk of IS, we perceive how critical the collaboration with knowledge administrations (unintelligible) above all else likewise with the administrations of the United States is.

We require this participation. Give me a chance to state this from a German point of view, obviously and unequivocally. Our reciprocal relations are great, they are shut in the zones of business, of the economy. The United States of America a year ago were our most essential exchanging accomplices. Both for Germany and the European Union. The European Union and the United States of America are the enormous essential monetary zones for us, which is the reason I generally have come up emphatically for closing an exchange concurrence with the United States of America.

We have gained ground, a considerable amount of advance that can’t be halted, those transactions, what we’ll keep, what we have accomplished so far and I’m sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that one day we will come to what we have accomplished and expand on it, in light of the fact that — that is my profound conviction. Globalization — and I think we share this conviction — is that globalization should be formed politically, it should be given a human face, yet we can’t permit to fall once more into tormented (ph) globalization times.

So this finish of exchange assentions that go past the extent of simple levy understandings, traditions assentions, are most imperative and I’m extremely satisfied we could convey this to fulfillment amongst Canada and the E.U. We’ve gained awesome ground, especially on the off chance that we take a gander at one of the immense worldwide issues, to be specific atmosphere security, without the engagement of the present organization under the authority of Barack Obama, this Paris understanding could never have come to fruition.

There has been an adjustment in the mentality in the United States towards that understanding, yet there is additionally a superior collaboration with China. So a year ago, we could close a Paris atmosphere understanding, which will lead the path for whatever is left of the world, which is earth shattering. Furthermore, together we’ll see advancement objectives of the motivation 2030 for the entire world. This is surely ocean transform, I think, that we see it, and well ordered will be actualized.

Another direct I needed toward specify here, especially the engagement and responsibility to Africa. For us Europeans, Africa as a neighboring mainland is of prime significance. The advancement of African nations is in our own special bested intrigue. We as Germans, additionally we as individuals from the European Union should manage this, it will be at the extremely top of our plan.

There are a considerable measure of regions where we coordinate, battle against ISIL, for instance. Here, Germany could add to a specific degree in specific territories. We’ll keep on doing in this way, for instance, in supporting the Peshmerga, in air policing, however we likewise need to recognize that the United States of America bear the greater part of the weight. They endure the worst part of this duty.

So I consider your comments important, Barack, that the European Union in general, additionally Germany needs to perceive this is our union, our regular union, our trans-Atlantic organization together that we to step (ph) out our engagement, in light of the fact that over the long haul we won’t be permitted to acknowledge this awkwardness as respects to the commitments we provided for this collusion, and we have comprehended this message and we have begun to respond. We have worked firmly together, for instance, in Afghanistan, we are keeping on doing as such.

I’m extremely satisfied this military engagement together with a political guide that we created, we could proceed. We need to realize a political arrangement there. We worked firmly together on the issue of extension of Crimea and Russia’s endeavor to really vanquish Ukraine and really, they did as such, overcome part of the region. We attempted to go to a tranquil settlement here on this.

So our interests are especially adjusted. Our purposes of participation are especially adjusted. We keep on building on what we’ve as of now accomplished in these last months of the organization and we will proceed additionally with the new organization. This is the end of an eight-year participation that was close in reality.

MERKEL (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): From a German perspective, German, American and European American relations are a mainstay of our remote approach. Outside arrangement that is clearly guided by interests, yet that is particularly additionally dedicated to shared qualities, so we have a stage, majority rules system, opportunity, regard of human rights that we might want to see regarded everywhere throughout the world furthermore, a tranquil world request.

We have shared those qualities, we keep on sharing those qualities and clearly, we will keep on cooperating with the new organization. However, today, I think an expression of appreciation is within reach, much thanks for this nearby, exceptionally escalated collaboration.

OBAMA: It is great to be back in Berlin. This is my 6th visit to Germany. It won’t be my last. I have some way or another, kept on missing Oktoberfest so that is likely something that is better for me to do as a previous president instead of as president, I’ll have a fabulous time.

It’s likewise brilliant to be back with my awesome companion and partner, Chancellor Merkel. As I reflect back in the course of the most recent eight years, I couldn’t request a steadier or more dependable accomplice on the world stage, regularly through some extremely difficult times.

So I wanna thank you for your fellowship, for your administration and your dedication to our collusion. What’s more, I wanna thank the German individuals for the staggering organization that our nations have possessed the capacity to build up every one of these years.

You know, a week ago denoted the 27th commemoration of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The United States was glad to remain with the general population of Germany as this country and this mainland rejoined and revamped and went after a superior future.

Also, it’s an update that the dedication of the United States, to Europe is continuing and it’s established in the qualities we share, the qualities that Angela just said; our dedication to majority rule government, our dedication to run of law, our dedication to the poise surprisingly in our own particular nations and around the globe.

Our cooperation with our NATO accomplices has been a foundation of U.S. remote arrangement for almost 70 years, in great times and in awful and through presidents of both sides in light of the fact that the United States has a principal enthusiasm for Europe’s solidness and security.

The dedication that Angela and I share to this controlling standard has framed the reason for our discussions this evening. We talk about our endeavors to keep our nations focused and to make occupations and opportunity on both sides of the Atlantic.

The transactions on understandings like T-TIP have been testing and clearly, at a minute when there’s worries about globalization and the advantages that collect to specific individuals.

It is imperative that those transactions and channels of correspondence remain in light of the fact that at last, what we have appeared in the course of the most recent a very long while, is that business sectors and exchange and trade can make flourishing in the greater part of our nations, that its not a win/lose circumstance but rather it can be a win/win circumstance.

Furthermore, when the European venture is confronting difficulties, it’s particularly critical to demonstrate the advantages of monetary incorporation by keeping on putting resources into our kin and attempting to lessen imbalance, both inside and over our nations.

I repeated our trust that arrangements over the United Kingdom’s exit from the E.U. will be directed in a smooth and organized and straightforward mold and save as nearly as could be expected under the circumstances the financial and political and security connections between the U.K. what’s more, E.U.

What’s more, I keep on believing when I said in Hanover, that the E.U. stays one of the world’s incredible political and monetary accomplishments, and that those accomplishments ought not be underestimated.

That they should be supported and developed and ensured and foug

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