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Petrol Price crosses Rs 70 in Delhi, diesel over Rs 64

petroleum and diesel costs on  (January 14) were climbed steeply by major oil PSUs as worldwide crude oil costs continued to maintain positive momentum despite marginal losses.

While the present cost amendment was lower than yesterday, petroleum costs have expanded by 38 paise while diesel rates have gone up 49-52 paise. In Delhi, a liter of petroleum presently costs Rs 70.13 per liter contrasted with Rs 69.75 recorded yesterday.On the other hand, diesel cost has expanded to Rs 64.18 per liter after a 49 paise hike.In Mumbai, oil cost has bounced to Rs 75.77 per liter and diesel cost has additionally crossed Rs 67 for every liter after it was expanded by 52 paise today. Oil costs have been expanded by nearly Rs 1 since yesterday, while diesel rates have been climbed by over Rs 1.Petrol costs in numerous urban communities including Kolkata (Rs 72/24/liter), Chennai (Rs 72.79/liter), Gurugram (Rs 71.10/liter), Bengaluru (Rs 72.44/liter), Hyderabad (Rs 74.40/liter), Patna (Rs 74.58/liter) and Trivandrum (Rs 73.55/liter) are higher than most different urban areas. In the interim, petroleum cost has likewise crossed Rs 70 for each liter in Noida.Diesel costs shot up in a few urban areas with Hyderabad (Rs 69.77/liter) besting the rundown as far as cost, trailed by Trivandrum (Rs 69.21/liter). Diesel was additionally retailing higher in Patna (Rs 67.75/liter), Jaipur (Rs 66.70/liter), Bhubaneshwar (Rs 68.67/liter), Bengaluru (Rs 66.29/liter), Chennai (Rs 67.78/liter) and Mumbai (Rs 67.18/litre).

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