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Kanye West meets with Donald Trump at Trump Tower

Kanye West met with President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday, after he was spotted landing at Trump Tower in New York City, just days after the rapper first returned into the general population eye taking after his hospitalization.

Trump addressed columnists with West close by, calling the rapper a “decent man” and telling writers that they have been “companions for quite a while.”

West would not talk about the points of interest of the meeting overlooked inquiries concerning whether he anticipates performing at Trump’s initiation. He likewise overlooked a question about whether he wishes he had voted in favor of Trump.

“I simply need to take a photo at this moment,” West said, grinning.

“You deal with yourself, I’ll see you soon,” Trump told West.

West, who has specified Trump in his verses, requested a 15-minute meeting with Trump, move representative Hope Hicks affirmed.

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This is yet another sign that the hip-jump head honcho and rapper, who announced a 2020 presidential offer at the VMA’s last year, is interested in working with the President-elect.

The purpose behind his visit is not yet clear and he didn’t take any inquiries from correspondents. He strolled in with a slight grin and advanced toward the lift. He was joined by a company that incorporated a videographer.

West, who was hospitalized a month ago because of weariness, stunned fans in California when he unexpectedly finished a show with a rage in which he announced that had he voted, he would have voted in favor of Donald Trump.

“I told y’all I didn’t vote, right?” Kanye said. “Be that as it may, in the event that I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted in favor of Trump.”

West, who went to a Hillary Clinton pledge drive with spouse and Clinton supporter Kim Kardashian a year ago, has for quite some time been known to put forth questionable expressions.

His perspectives on 2016 are remarkable in the hip-bounce group, which has furiously dismisses the appointment of the extremely rich person big shot the current year’s race cycle.

His astounding backing for Trump was met with outrage and disarray in the hip-bounce group as activists and specialists prepare for a political fight against the approaching president in the midst of fears that a Trump organization could undermine the social equality of minority gatherings.

Taking after the expert Trump rage and a scratched off Los Angeles show, West crossed out whatever is left of his 2016 Saint Pablo visit dates – which had been planned through New Year’s Eve.

“The rest of the dates on the SAINT PABLO TOUR have been crossed out,” Live Nation said in an announcement. “Tickets will be completely discounted at purpose of procurement.”

Amid his hospitalization fans communicated worry over West’s emotional well-being and in the midst of feedback, many committed supplications and well wishes on social to the rapper.

West was discharged from the doctor’s facility early this month.

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