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John Oliver Still Can’t Believe Donald Trump Is President

John Oliver thought he needed the race to be over, however in the wake of the race of Donald Trump (or “Drumpf” as Oliver calls him) he now laments his scurry. “It’s actual,” he said. “That happened.”

On Last Week Tonight, Oliver said that as opposed to demonstrating little girls that they could be president by taking after the case of Hillary Clinton, the decision comes about demonstrated that “no grandpa is excessively bigot, making it impossible to wind up pioneer of the free world.”

Oliver noticed that now Trump will be in charge of filling no less than one seat on the U.S. Preeminent Court and his decision will affect the court—and the nation—for quite a long time. “That is one of those expressions you never thought you would listen, similar to Vanilla Ice is getting his Nobel Prize in material science,” said Oliver.

While numerous savants, government officials, and individuals from the electorate are urging individuals to give Trump a shot, Oliver is wary. “It resembles we’re on a plane and simply found our pilot is a wombat,” he said.

As indicated by Oliver, Trump’s crusade guarantees to expel outsiders, annul and supplant Obamacare, assemble a divider between the U.S. furthermore, Mexico are as well “disturbing” to give him a shot. “It’s the schedule on Satan’s icebox, which Satan no longer needs since damnation has solidified over,” noted Oliver.

The Last Week Tonight have comprehends the longing to escape to Canada, however unless “you were conceived there initially, it’s springtime, and you’re a goose.” Instead, he prescribes staying and battling in the U.S.— and giving time and cash to foundations.

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