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Israel’s multi-layer defense system nearing completion

JERUSALEM — A joint U.S.- Israeli rocket interceptor will be operational soon, finishing Israel’s multi-layer guard framework, a senior Israeli aviation based armed forces official said Monday.

He said David’s Sling, intended to counter medium-extend rockets controlled by Iranian-supported Hezbollah activists in Lebanon, will be operational toward the beginning of April, denoting the finishing of the framework.

That incorporates the Arrow, intended to capture long-run ballistic rockets in the stratosphere with an eye on Iran, and Iron Dome, which shields against short-extend rockets from Gaza.

The official talked namelessly in accordance with convention.

Israeli sent its Arrow framework Friday when Syria discharged a rocket at its planes after they completed airstrikes focusing on a weapons guard headed for Hezbollah.

The authority said the rocket was recognized as a ballistic danger and had a substantial warhead that could have arrived inside Israel if not blocked.

David’s Sling was created by Israeli protection firm Rafael with American guard mammoth Raytheon.

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