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‘Groundhog Day’ musical is coming to Broadway this season

The makers of “Groundhog Day” rose up out of their tunnel at London’s Old Vic, didn’t see their shadows thus chose to come to Broadway within the near future.

“Groundhog Day” will open in April — just before the Tony Awards cutoff soon thereafter — at the August Wilson Theater, where “Jersey Boys” will wrap up its 11-year run Jan. 15.

This very late passage to the new theater season will shake up the Broadway scene, setting the phase for some wild Tony races and, in case we’re fortunate, some sly, off camera moving that is certain to zest up the spring.

The makers of “Dear Evan Hansen,” the widely praised musical about teenager suicide, must mull over the gas funnel. Their appear, which starts sneak peaks in November at the Music Box, was an early most loved to get numerous grants, including Best Actor for its breathtaking lead, Ben Platt.

Be that as it may, Platt will now square off against Broadway vet Andy Karl, who got raves for his execution as the crotchety meteorologist sentenced to experience that day again and again.

Tim Minchin, who composed the music and verses to “Groundhog Day,” must be viewed as the man to beat for Best Score. Everyone thought he’d win for “Matilda” in 2013, yet Cindy Lauper grabbed the Tony from him for “Unusual Boots.”

Matthew Warchus, the chief of “Groundhog Day” and “Matilda,” will likewise be a top contender, engaging it out with executives Michael Greif (“Dear Evan Hansen”), Jack O’Brien (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”) and Jerry Zaks (“A Bronx Tale” and the restoration of “Hi, Dolly!”).

I’m a major enthusiast of Warchus, however he has a notoriety around Broadway for being somewhat thorny. He has a genuine shot at a Tony, yet he must take a few lessons on schmoozing to get it. (I ordinarily charge $250 for 60 minutes worth of schmooze honing, however I’ll give him the loved ones rate.)

With respect to the enormous recompense — Best Musical — my hunch is that “Groundhog Day” will be an imposing contender.

All that said, how about we cast a shadow over “Groundhog Day,” only for the sake of entertainment. While the vast majority of the faultfinders raved, I’ve gotten notification from American theater individuals who saw the show in August that it’s not “My Fair Lady” yet.

“It has vitality and it’s fun, however it’s not impeccable,” says a source. “It could utilize some cutting, and it takes some an opportunity to wrench up.”

Sources on “Groundhog Day” say the makers are not all that self-important as to think they have an immaculate appear.

“They will do a ton of work amongst now and the spring,” a source says. “They would prefer not to f - - k it up by being careless.”

There’s additionally the subject of exactly how enormous a hit it will be.

“Matilda,” one of the best musicals of the previous 10 years, ought to have improved on Broadway. It has a high week by week overhead and, sources say, has given back a benefit of only 10 percent. (It closes at the Shubert Theater Jan. 1.)

The national visit, I’m told, isn’t precisely consuming the street.

Maker Scott Rudin abandoned “Groundhog Day,” allegedly in light of the fact that he was concerned that the financial plan — about $16.5 million — was too high.

Regulating the show now is Lia Vollack, an official with Sony Pictures, which created the 1993 film.

These Hollywood sorts regularly get eaten alive on Broadway, particularly by effective chiefs like Warchus, who, on the off chance that they need something, generally get it, expenses be accursed.

A decent sign is that Vollack has exchanged theaters. “Groundhog Day” was initially slated for the Schoenfeld, which is too little for the appear. It will recover costs much speedier at the Wilson.

Let me likewise give Vollack focuses for grabbing the energy and coming in this season. “Groundhog Day” has by a long shot the best title of the new yield of appears. It’s the sort of title that produces huge development ticket deals, rather than, say, “Originate From Away,” the 9/11 musical.

Welcome to Broadway, “Groundhog Day.” The blades will be out for you, yet I scarcely think you’ll end up like Julius Caesar.

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