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Donald Trump Calls Media “Vicious,” Staff Stiffs Correspondents Dinner

President Donald Trump commenced Wednesday with another swipe at the “flopping” New York Times, a day subsequent to asking why the “fake news” isn’t taking after Fox News’ lead by exploring ties amongst Russia and… Hillary Clinton.

“Keep in mind when the coming up short @nytimes apologized to its endorsers, directly after the decision, on the grounds that their scope was so off-base. Presently more awful!”

The most recent dissension comes a day after the White House reported that no staff members would go to the current year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, in solidarity with the manager.

“The staff is remaining in solidarity with the president,” said squeeze secretary Sean Spicer in an announcement Tuesday, “who has been dealt with unreasonably. We trust, including the president, that things enhance and we can go to one year from now.”

With respect to today’s tweets, it’s difficult to tell precisely which Times article disappointed Trump. Maybe “President Trump Risks the Planet,” the paper of record’s lead article today thrashing Trump’s proposed environmental change strategies, or possibly the report about Devin Nunes refusal to recuse himself from the House Intelligence Committee’s examination concerning “Russian interfering” in the presidential race.

Presumably the last mentioned, given Trump’s tweet yesterday that lone Fox News is by all accounts getting the story appropriate by examining ties amongst Russia and Clinton.

After the president’s first tweet toward the beginning of today about the Times’ non-statement of regret, Trump multiplied down, recommending that the American open doesn’t know the full story — actually no, not about Russia, but rather about how selfishly he’s dealt with by the press.

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