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Delhi Turns Into Hitler’s Gas Chamber! Here’s What Smog does to Your Body

What was utilized as a means of suffering for Jews by the Nazi government has turned into the truth of every Delhiite! ‘This way for the gas, ladies and gentlemen’ (a story collection on Nazi government by Tadeusz Borowski), should read Delhi’s signboards as the whole city has turned into Hitler’s gas chamber. The air quality index of the city shot up to 451 on a scale where the highest level is 500. Puffing this air has been associated with smoking 50 cigarettes a day by doctors. So, who is bad, chain smokers or Delhiites? The latter, it seems.

So, in how many ways fog dangers your body? What are its causes and effects? Here we take a see at the crosscurrent of the subject.

What is smog?
It refers to a mix of smoke and fog, thus forming the word smog. It is a convoluted mixture that is formed by different pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides and dust fragments, which interact with the sunlight to form ground-level ozone, major to the build-up of haze that hangs in industrial cities.

Causes of smog
Smog is caused as a result of industrial movements, vehicular traffic, open burning, heating system, higher temperature, and geography of a place, sunlight and smoother winds. These all elements contribute to all-encompassing smog as the length for which smog remnant in the atmosphere can be augmented by higher temperature and sunlight.
However, it must be noted that smog is caused in a location that is far from the origin of pollution. This is because the procedure that leads to smog appears after the risky particles have been flowed away by the air.

Effects of smog
Disclosure to smog can be acutely painful for the health of the defined as it can cause/aggravate health conditions such as follows:
Chest infections/Irritation: When you puff ground-level ozone, it can disturb your respiratory system in a conflicting way, major to coughing and irritation. When you are unprotected to it for longer durations, it can even lead to lung infections.
Worsening of asthma/bronchitis/emphysema:

Patients of such respiratory issues have the lowest of times when smog hits such high levels. Patients can have constant and severe asthma attacks. In utmost cases, the risk of developing these diseases may also well shoot up.
Cold and eye irritation: Smog well reduces one’s impunity to cold and can cause irritation in the eyes.

Premature mortality: A study by RICE University displayed that ground-level ozone and PM 2.5 are direct contributors to an incremented risk of premature mortality.
Damage to crops: Besides jolting humans negatively, smog can also inhibit plant improvement and cause harm to forests and crops.

Who is at a greater risk?
Smog affects everybody differently, depending on their lifestyle, health condition and age. The groups which are the most affected are:
Children: As children waste a lot of time outdoors, they are more prone to getting affected by smog the most. Also, their risk of developing asthma is quite high as it is the most common respiratory ailment among children.
People with respiratory disorders: If someone already has respiratory issues like asthma, severe bronchitis or emphysema will experience a worsening of syndromes when they are disclosed to smog as they are more vulnerable to the effects of ground-level ozone.
Adults who have high level of outdoor activity: If you exercise, cycle or jog outdoors or if you have a job that needs you to stay outdoors, you are more affected to the harms of ozone.

What you can do

The best access to prevent harm from smog is to limit your outdoor activity. If ozone levels are high, you must stay indoors as much as probable. However, make assured that your homes and offices have a solid exhaust system. This is because the air pollution inside can many-a-times be more painful than air outside. This happens due to household activities which produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as activities in the kitchen.

There are many Ayurveda hacks also that can assist limit the harm caused by ground-level ozone and air pollution. You can read them here.

If you think that by drinking filtered water you can assist avoid or limit the damage of air pollution, you are absolutely wrong. Thing to ponder – you merely drink two to four litres of filtered water in a day. Against this, you puff around 16,000 litres of toxic air every day. Imagine the kind of damage it does to you and your body!

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