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After back-stabbing Israel, Team Obama pretends its hands are clean

What did the president know and when did he know it? It’s a question that got to be distinctly acclaimed amid the Watergate embarrassment — and it applies similarly well to the US abstention that permitted a hostile to Israel determination to pass the UN Security Council.

The Obama organization keeps on demanding it was totally uninvolved on the determination, which pronounced all Israeli movement past the pre-1967 outskirts — incorporating Jewish heavenly locales in Jerusalem — unlawful.

Obviously, the authority most energetic in pushing that line is Ben Rhodes, the White House spinmeister who conceded telling fanciful stories on the Iran atomic arrangement.

In any case, Israel says it has “ironclad” data from Arab sources that Team Obama was profoundly required in creating and pushing the determination.

In addition, Egyptian media late Tuesday discharged a transcript of a meeting in which Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Adviser Susan Rice told Palestinian authorities the US would collaborate with them, bolster an UN determination and present recommendations for a last status arrangement if the Palestinians concurred.

Furthermore, a month ago, Kerry went by New Zealand — which assumed control sponsorship of the determination, alongside Venezuela, when Egypt pulled back — to talk about the requirement for a measure invalidating the “genuine danger” to a two-state arrangement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as per neighborhood media reports at the time.

Little ponder, then, that a furious Netanyahu straightforwardly blamed Team Obama for having “started it, remained behind it, composed on the wording and requested that it be passed.” We speculate he has the confirmation to demonstrate it.

Little ponder that Israel is making moves, however typical and transitory, to express its shock, for example, controling discretionary ties with a few nations that upheld the determination.

“Israel is a nation with a national pride,” said Netanyahu, “and we don’t love instead of lashing out.”

Kerry today will convey what’s charged as a “noteworthy address” laying out an “extensive vision” on how the contention “ought to be settled.” It’s a difficult request, especially since the determination now gives Palestinians even less motivation to arrange a peace bargain in accordance with some basic honesty.

In all actuality President Obama never really had Israel’s back, and his own disparities with Netanyahu exacerbated matters.

Be that as it may, what a fearful approach to end this shameful issue: with Obama rejecting even to claim up to his unsafe double-crossing of a devoted partner — and looking to tie his successor’s hands simultaneously.

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